Corporate Relations Council

The Mercer Corporate Relations Council was created in 2020 to help build relationships and improve coordination across the University to address several “imperatives” in Mercer’s strategic plan, Inspire: Mercer’s Vision for the Decade Ahead, including

  • Imperative 2: Working with corporations, government, sister research universities and others to advance discovery and innovation through expanded opportunities for faculty research and contracts and student experiential learning;
  • Imperative 4: Helping Mercer be more relevant to meet current and future business and social needs by partnering with external entities to develop curricular innovations in key areas such as cybersecurity, AI, cloud computing, communications, health care, and other professions;
  • Imperative 5: Achieving meaningful outcomes by expanding external partnerships that can be used to ensure students have access to internship and field experiences and graduates to career opportunities and connections, and to maximize “real world” relationships for growing Mercer initiatives in entrepreneurship and innovation.